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Luis Pérez


Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Trustee


Retired Technical Teacher of Electronics. Beekeeper. Founding member and president of Fundación Amigos de las Abejas since its establishment in 2008.


Jesús Llorente

Vice Chairman and Director of Institutional Relations

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Trustee


Technical Agricultural Engineer. Veterinary Doctor. Coordinator of national research projects (1986-1999). Associate professor in Madrid and Leon veterinary schools. In charge of the Regional Apiculture Center of Castilla-La Mancha (1986-1999). In charge of apiculture, aquaculture and drought in pasture areas insurances in ENESA (Spanish State’s agricultural insurance body) from 2011 to 2012. Author of several articles in national and international beekeeping specialised magazines. Author of the following works:

  • The book Principales enfermedades de las abejas (Main Diseases of Bees), which was edited 3 times.

  • The DVD’s Profilaxis en apicultura (Prophylaxis in Beekeeping) and La bioseguridad en las explotaciones ganaderas (Biosecurity in Livestock Farms), both edited by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.


Eva Miquel

Communications and Awareness Officer

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Board’s Secretary


Nature lover, passionate about photography and the beekeeping world. Technical Assistant and Draughtswoman. For more than 15 years I have been coordinating and running projects related to architecture, the construction industry and geographic information systems.

The small truth has great words, the great truth has a great silence.”

Board members


Lisette Zewuster

Responsable de proyectos y programas

Projects and Programmes Officer

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Board Member


Dutch beekeeper passionate about bees and the flowers that feed them. Traveler with a degree in International Development and Amazonian Studies. She has extensive experience managing international projects in production chains and fair trade. In this foundation she combines her cualities to contribute to the promotion of bees and beekeeping.


Ada Álvarez

Volunteering Officer

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Board Member


She holds a degree in Environmental Science and a Master in Conservation, Management and Restoration of Biodiversity. She has done scientific researches in continental aquatic environments. She has also been volunteer in many fields like:

  • NGOs of social content —with a stay of 2 months in Bolivia.

  • Socio-cultural organiser.

  • Environmental work like scientific bird ringing, census of various birds, reptiles and amphibians, exploration of mammals… As well as awareness and dissemination activities.

  • Scientific and informative events.

  • Fundación Amigos de las Abejas since 2013 and (Board Member since 2014).


Anna Paredes

Graphic Design

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Board Member


I hold a degree in Fine Arts and I am a Sign Language guide-interpreter. I am a nature and oceans lover, passionate about music and videogames, devotee of all the good things that surrounds us and committed to spread them and help. As Y.J. Costeau said: “The happines of the man it is to know and to wonder at it.”


Joaquín Castelo

Apitourism Projects Development

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Board Member


Geographer, naturalist and rural tourism entrepeneur in the Sierra de Ayllón. He is linked to Euro-Siberian flora conservation projects and to high mountain natural places. He has worked in threatened flora conservation programmes in the Hayedo de Tejera Negra’s Nature Reserve. In our foundation he works developing programmes of apitourism and in the maintenance of the hives.


Jesús Manzano

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Board Member

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Trustee


Beekeeper. Social innovator. Information technologies consultant for third sector entities (NGOs). Intelligent transport systems and sustainable urban mobility entrepeneur. Former executive of the pharmaceutical industry. Greenpeace España governing board member. Plataforma contra el Abuso de Herbicidas (Platform against Herbicides Overuse) member. Plataforma por un Nuevo Modelo Energético (Platform for a New Energy Model) member. Asociación Lobo Marley. Ciudadanos por el Lobo y el Mundo Rural (Marley Wolf Association. Citizens for the Wolf and the Rural World) member.


María Vega

Pollination Apiaries Officer. Recovery of Swarms and Urban Beekeeping.

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Board Member.


Beekeeper. Entrepeneur of the apitourism project TuApitur. Promoter of the Beekeeper movement. Promoter of the movement Miel de Barrio (Neighbourhood’s Honey). Farmer, rancher and lecturer.


Sergio Velasco

Communications Team

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Board Member


He holds a degree in Information Science, a branch of Advertising and Public Relations; a Master in Commercial Management, Communication, Marketing, Advertising and e Commerce. He works as graphic designer and webmaster, historical essayist and community manager for various non-profit organisations. Amateur beekeeper.

María Micó Gual

Awareness Team


Beekeeper and entrepeneur of new initiatives of apitourism. Nature lover and passionate about the sea.



Mar Balsalobre

Recovery of Swarms Team. Starting Hives and ZERO Treatments Apiary.

Fundación Amigos de las Abejas Board Member.


Beekeeper Founding member of ecocolmena.com, management officer, fieldwork, relationship with associated beekeepers, responsible consumption groups (ecological) and relationships with sponsors of the project Apadrina una Colmena (Sponsor a Hive), #Apadrina1Colmena. Administrator and human resources manager.